My trip to the Danish Wedding Island

Last year I attended 9 (!) yes 9 weddings just as a GUEST! So it was a busy year!

I definitely felt like I was on some sort of channel 4 reality show eating everyone by the end.

One of my most favourite weddings of course was my friends Tanya and Thapa.

Tanya and I have been friends since I was 17 and living in Gran Canaria. We worked at the same cafe and the rest is history as they say.

In December 2018 Tanya had messaged me to say that it was happening and somewhere in those messages I also came out writing a speech!

Fast forward to April, just 3 weeks after her hen party in Puerto Rico, we headed to Copenhagen then after meeting another friend Anne (who lives in Denmark) caught the ferry to Ærøskøbing/Aero- known as the Danish Wedding Island!

Couples are known to come here for the ease of getting married as the village (when is like the land that time forgot, meets Hansel and Gretal meets Simon Pegg’s Shaun of the Dead) is totally set up for weddings with every thing so connected and close by.

The night before the wedding we checked into a small house which was great with three of us sharing (Sian, Anne and my Mum) while other guest were scattered about the teeny village.

With only 9 guests in total it wasn’t a massive do. Just a small elopement with very close friends and families. Tanya chose the island as her then fiancé Thapa is from Nepal, so organising a wedding inside the EU proved very difficult so thank you Denmark!

And honestly before going into all the details I must comment thank this was one of the most relaxed and fun weddings I have been to (Note to future brides- fun should be on the agenda!!).

We had a group meal the night before to all meet then in the morning the women of the party went to help Tanya get ready while the men blasted Sugar Hill Gang and other ‘scene setting/ romantic’ tunes.

Conveniently, the honeymoon suite was above the rooms where the couple would be married- so literally down the staircase and we were in the registrars (A blessing for those in high heels!)...

The service was the epitome of short and sweet with Tanya walking in to the room as “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri played then “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran and Beyoncé played once she had said “I Do” (The most popular 2018 wedding song for sure).

A welcomed Danish tradition was the drinks and cutting of the cake as soon as the ceremony was over. Honestly this was such a nice touch, setting the scene for the whole day, proving to be the perfect opportunity for group pictures and the chance for me to steal the bride for the first bridal selfie!

After the cakes and tears had all dried up we headed downstairs for the obligatory confetti shot.

Our Danish friend Anne has bagged together lovely little bags of confetti and I had sourced spectacularly tacky flags from the local Spar and through this we created AMAZING confetti/ flag tunnel shots which sound twee however when we got a copy of them look brilliant!

(Couples- don’t be scared to pull in your country as part of the theme. After all you chose to elope there, there’s obviously something about it you like!)

A two step turn around and we were in the cafe which would act as our holding pen while the couple no joke went in search of Black Beauty. Yes, Tanya’s dream was to have pictures taken with a horse and because this island is the wedding island, of course there was a house near by.

Feeding your guests is essential. This is an area you should never scrimp on. We were treated to a range of Danish open sandwiches, smorgasbords, a selection of rustic soft drinks and local beers. A mini banquet for all and even the fussy eaters (me) were very pleased.

Next up was the main meal, so we took the longest walk of the day- approximately 3 minutes and headed to a truly out of this world restaurant. (It was worth the flight to Copenhagen, drive to the ferry, and the ferry itself)

Here I made my speech. I’m sure there is a very unflattering angle of me giving it somewhere as I do remember a phone in front of me throughout it.

My top tips for couples is to lament to whoever is giving your speech that they should prepare it in advance, really think about the content and if possible learn it off by heart.

Obviously Tanya didn’t need to put the pressure on me as speeches are one of my absolute bug bear issues as weddings. An ill prepared speech can be spotted before the person delivers it even stands up with their crinkled A4 paper....

Don’t be that person (Hint: we offer a speech writing service)

The speech can be found here for anyone seeking inspiration.

Also during my research I noted how few women deliver speeches at weddings- this is something that is changing however needs more of a focus on.

The meal was spectacular in a relaxed atmosphere that really just allowed us all to take in the day.

I had lightly decorated the table with confetti balloons, small bubbles tubes and an obligatory Mr & Mrs sign to adorn Thapa and Tanya’s seats.

Then honeymoon suit was so huge that it was more honeymoon apartment which was perfect for a mini party and several rounds of celebration shots!

An elopement can be whatever you want it to be! There is no set rules meaning you can still have a big dress, your favourite people around you, there’s no obligation to have a huge photo shoot but you can if you wish. The options are endless!

Working with Danish Island Weddings was a one stop shop for help and their Instagram feed is completely lust worthy. Also loved being able to follow this wedding on their feed!

The make up artist also does hair and grows flowers in her garden doubling up as the local florist.

Aero/Ærøskøbing was gorgeous in a Ye Olde World Way and even though every street was cobbled, everything was so easy to get to.

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