• Sian Downes

Subbly Review

SLE on behalf of Subbly have been asked our thoughts, warts and all what we think of the e-commerce platform which we use for Party in the Post (www.partyinthepost.net)

So here goes...

Subbly has overall been really good for us but we could not have done it without the support group, the podcast and the FAQ/ help section. As a non skilled web designer it was been fidgety and it has been a challenge flirting between mobile and desktop.

I feel that the templates are quite bland and 'set'- maybe they aren't but for me, the non techy, it's been a saga to get it to look bonnie.

I absolutely still recommend Subbly to friends and can't imagine what else I need from a platform apart from a staff members to just run it! I did look at Cratejoy before but felt dear and Stefan is Scottish like me so you know.... FREEDOM!

The back end with analytics is easy and when I had to cancel a sub it was the easiest thing to do which was the biggest relief!

Thanks Subbly for all the support via email and chat!!

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