• Sian Downes

How birthday isolations can still be great!

How birthday isolations can still be great!

As my own birthday looms and I start thinking about all the things I usually do that o take for granted and all the things that usually happen (like cards and cocktails) I thought I would have a bash at writing a lock down birthday guide! Before we begin, don’t panic about not having supplies- everything party decoration related can be purchased from www.partyinthepost.net 💛🚚

Now I am in a very privileged position that I don’t take for granted to have someone to share my birthday with but even if you don’t I have you can find some of this useful and also maybe help cheer someone else up- as I always say if you don’t celebrate your birthday it just blends into another day and then the world seems to sparkle less.

So here we go:

  1. Breakfast in bed. Surely this is a must for surprising anyone. Whether you have a tray or you have to use a chopping board. A bagel with their favourite spree plus a glass of Buck Fizz (I’ve just been in Morissons and they are stocked and it’s cheap!). Grab one of those cacti you have on the kitchen window ledge and boom. An instagram worthy snap for someone special.

  2. Now this does require work but that’s what birthdays are for! Balloons! Either, go the extra mile and fill them with helium and create a balloon ceiling (one of my favourite things to do is even print out some favourite pictures or re-snap old ones with my Polaroid camera for quickness and attached them to the balloon string. Note for this make the string slightly shorter than you think you need as the photo will weight it down slightly). If helium is hard to come by then simply blowing up balloons and covering the floor is also an option. Remember- this is a lock down birthday so going the extra mile on these things is worthwhile as that person already has had their joy slightly limited.

  3. Absolutely if you can- check our @HelloInstaParty for her amazing balloons garlands. Get some tape and some glue dots and a whole lot of puff (or a balloon blowing up machine) and fill as many balloons as you can, all sizes, piece together and throw it out the window for dramatic effect. When else are you going to get the opportunity to do this?!

  4. If you have a little notice make sure you drop whomever you are staying with (husband/wife/ boyfriend/ girlfriend/ friend/ room mate etc) a note to their friends with their address on it. So say for instance your boyfriend has joined you for lock down, drop their mates and family a wee WhatsApp or Facebook just with your address details on it. It will be a top surprise because they aren’t expecting any mail on their birthday and well maybe they don’t normally get any anyways- so double the surprise! Thortful is a great platform that supports independents and their cards are always fab!

  5. Some lockdown gifts would be fun! Check out Etsy and eBay for some great offers- small businesses are always the first to innovate so you could get a lockdown tshirt, lockdown birthday balloons. Just a little nod to the mad times we are experiencing.

  6. Activities: so I am a big believer in getting your thoughts down on paper- even though I don’t do it enough myself. So ask the birthday girl or boy to write themselves a letter reflecting on their lockdown birthday. A great keepsake, something they might even read to their kids one day and kudos to you if you’ve bought them new stationary!

  7. The Cake- I cant bake, so if you can - do. If you can’t you have a couple of options- store bought classics like a Colin the Caterpillar or Sainsbury’s double chocolate sponge (usually £2, feeds Six or Sian twice) or what I think is really special would be to have one from a local baker/ decorator delivered. Check your local areas Facebook page (every area seems seems to have a corona virus support group/page) and support them! It’s something the other birthday girl/boy would never do for themselves and again- what a treat!

  8. Zoom- organise a surprise zoom call! So little prep or tech knowledge needed for this one. Schedule a meeting, send it out and have everyone pop on at the same time. Easy! Bonus points for designing a virtual personalised birthday background and sending it to everyone! (It’s always the little things).

  9. A virtual pub crawl? Even in a tiny apartment setting up different drinks stations with different drinks or dares will be super fun. Maybe even get them to mix up a few cocktails at different stations. And don’t worry about having to run to the kitchen to clean out your shaker (or mason jar)- it is what it is so embrace the fun,hun.

  10. Drinks not your thing or doing this for the kids- swap out cocktails for colouring and crafts at different stations. Maybe even get on free prints and order some pictures to help that person build a scrap book. It’s probably something they have always said they would get round to doing so here’s the chance! And it keeps them off their phones and tablets (no matter what age) and best of all it’s a gift, that builds into a memory! 💛 I got my scrap books for £3 off of the Works.com.

  11. Got grass? Then take it outside- a BBQ, balloons tied to the fence, an Easter hunt (who cares Easter is over, all the chocolate is cheap and kids are going to care. Call it a bear hunt if you must) check out Pinterest for some top printables and maybe a pin the tail on the bear. (Do bears have tails?) too old/lazy for bear hunts- cocktails again most likely works. Non alcoholic ones are always an option too. Maybe even make a few signs pointing to the party.

  12. Book the birthday person an online class- calligraphy/ watercolour/ Beginner Spanish. Something fun, not too taxing and something they will thank you for. Also check out https://virtually-together.co.uk for some more tops ideas!

Well that’s just some of my ramblings! Feel free to comment and let us know what lockdown has inspired you to do for yours or someone else’s special day.

And remember, stay in, stay strong and drink strawberry lemonade. 💛💛