• Sian Downes

Did someone say "Pivot"?

So during a time when there are no events- what does an events company get up to?

Well if you can believe it- we have actually expanded! And I am SO proud of our little gang for doing this.

So who are we all now and what are we doing?

So obviously there's still me Sian- the CEO and Founder. I'm here to do all the usual things a CEO does- overthinks, orders stuff from Amazon and drinks too much diet coke while scheduling emails to send at 8am. (ok it's the red cans....)

We have Darren in Liverpool heading up our social impact and Event Management Fundamentals training course which we deliver to people facing social exclusion issues such as homelessness and mental health challenges and help them gain employment. Darren can be reached on darren@strawberrylemonadeevents.com if this is a project you would like to get involved with.

And new to the team is Lauren who is looking after all our Party in the Post Marketing. Party in the Post- what's that you say? Well it's only our monthly party subscription box which consists of carefully curated party decorations send directly to your door every month. Ad of course, because we have social impact at the heart of everything we do- we operate a buy one/ give one model meaning for every box sold we donate one to a family in need of cheer!

I absolutely love this product and love love love pulling it together and seeing lots of happy faces having parties at home.


We are currently working on Edinburgh Yoga Festival plans for 2021 and also proud to announce we will also be hosting the Liverpool Yoga Festival too! 2021 is sure gonna be busy, as long as covid gets busy and bolts!