• Sian Downes

A lot can change in 3 months!

And you didn't need me to tell you! Hi, It's Sian from SLE and I have decided to take some time out to write about what we have been doing.

With so much information to absorb, so many challenges to address both in business and society, SLE, have stayed quiet- not because we don't have an opinion or because we don't think it's our time to speak but mainly because we were waiting for the right time, to write the right words and really feel what we were writing.

Since our inception, though we have pivoted many times before pivot was even a buzzword, SLE has had social values at the core of what we do- our space is that we champion people who may have not had their first chance yet, when society believes that they have used up all theirs chances, we work to raise awareness of people's stories and how grief, pain and trauma have affected their choices and paths and we believe that the pandemic has highlighted globally how we may all be fighting this together but we are not all in the same boat.

Going forward, we will continue to work to help people facing social exclusion, but we will question our own judgements and practices more to ensure that even though we might be thinking we are doing good, we want to make sure that we actually are.

Which brings me around to some very exciting news! We are hiring! I have wanted to say that for so long! We are hiring, in Liverpool, an outreach worker to help us create that social impact that we love making! There will be a post to follow but it's so amazing to know we are going to have a dedicated role for someone to fully concentrate on creating the sweetness of Strawberry Lemonade!

In 3 months we have also pivoted our business and been working hard on PartyInThePost.net! A new monthly party subscription service. We have been lucky enough to have had a lot of insight from fellow Sub Boxers and also PWC have kindly provided many of their billable hours to us for free as they help us design the user experience and work through our design challenges. This is an evolving project but it something I am so passionate about- and of course every box we create generates social impact to a family in need as for every unit sold we also donate one. (Thanks TOMS for leading the way in the buy one, donate one model)

The next thing on our long list of updates is to share that we are looking at taking the Edinburgh Yoga Festival Online this year- so stay tuned and also I am so proud of a small passion project I have been working on called Sian The Fan- for those of you that know me will know my love affair with MotoGP, so it has given me great pleasure to host my first podcast speaking to guys and girls (aka my heroes) who work in the paddock. It's live on Spotify/SiantheFan.

So to wrap up- we are still learning and evolving about the social good we can do and social justice issues people face every day. We have been pivoting again with Party in the Post and we set up a completely unrelated podcast to events called Sian the Fan. Oh yeah and we are hiring!

Thanks for listening- as always drop me an email at hello@strawberrylemonadeevents.com if you have any thoughts, want to collaborate or think we could be doing something better.

Peace Out