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Our Founder

Sian Downes was inspired to set up Strawberry Lemonade Events after deciding it was time to combine her two passions in life- event planning and helping people change their lives.


She was brought up with a party loving mother who relished in planning surprises and making every moment magical. She now applies this theorem to all projects she works on.

Sian’s true skills lie in organising corporate events, fundraisers and fan engagement. Being a MotoGP fan all her life, she knows the power that lies between fans and brands.

Having worked as Head of Marketing and Corporate Events at Street Soccer Scotland, Scotland’s leading sport for change charity, Sian witnessed first hand how investing and believing in people who have been marginalised by society can be transformative for both parties.

She believes events can be the ideal industry for people who have faced challenges in their lives as the industry allows you to learn structure, time management, sales, marketing and customer service skills all while experiencing amazing experiences.

Sian has twice been named a top event planner in the UK under 30, firstly by Event Magazine in 2014 then again by Conference News in 2017 and has worked on various types of events from fundraising dinners with Sir Alex Ferguson and Eric Cantona to high profile business dinners with CEO’s from BA, Ryanair and RBS along with working with politicians including First Minister Nicole Sturgeon and showing Keanu Reeves to the bathroom!


Most recently she was named a ‘Rising Star’ by EventIt- the leading Scottish events body at the E Awards in June 2019.

Strawberry Lemonade? 

Did you know that “All your dreams are made of Strawberry Lemonade?” - or so says Noel Gallagher.


As a massive Oasis fan, our Founder Sian has believed this to be the truth ever since “Talk Tonight” was penned by the legendary songwriter and all round superstar.


Written during a period of turmoil in the band, Noel sought solitude with an American girl in LA who is said to have been the one who helped him through this rough period, all while drinking Strawberry Snapple.


So Snapple, if you are reading this - call me! ️🤙 Lets party x

Not for Profit

As a social enterprise we train, recruit, mentor and inspire some of Scotland’s most canny and street wise event planners ensuring we have the slickest, most resilient and dedicated event planners in the country.


All profits are plowed back into the business and the Moira Fund, which is used to help people facing a terminal cancer diagnosis marry the love of their life, before life ends.


Moira was Sian’s mum and inspiration who sadly passed of ovarian cancer in May 2018 but her memory lives on and stories about Moira, the original Queen of Surprises can be found here.